Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Addison Turns ONE!

It was 1 o'clock in the morning Friday, February 11, 2011, and my water broke. As I wake up Matt to let him know, he says, "But she is not due for another month." Well...she had another plan...a plan of her own. Much to our surprise, we welcomed Miss Addison Elizabeth to the world at 2:06pm on Friday, February 11, 2011. She was the BEST surprise anyone could ever ask for and as for having a plan of her own...that is SO HER!

That day seriously seems like forever ago and that makes my heart hurt. I cannot believe she is already 1. Time is going by way too fast and before I know it, we'll be picking out prom dresses and then one day, a wedding dress. I need it to s.l.o.w. down now! As a parent of two children, one boy and one girl, it is amazing how differently they each complete my life. Maddux is our laid back, active, no-drama child, and Addison is the EXACT OPPOSITE! She is extremely dramatic and her drama entertains us daily. After Maddux was born I thought, life doesn't get much better than this. But God knew that wasn't the case, and he blessed us with a beautiful baby girl and truly completes our family. There are definitely days that I wonder where she came from, because she seems so different from Maddux, but everytime I look into those big, beautiful blue eyes, I am quickly reminded that she is ours. How did we get so lucky to have such a beautiful, smart, energtic child? I don't know the answer to that question. But what I do know, is that I love her more than anything in the world (aside from her brother and daddy), and that she has truly made our family complete. I cannot wait to see where life takes her and marvel at all she will accomplish. The world is her oyster and her daddy and I get front row seats!

I love you Addison Elizabeth!

Good morning

Can we say bedhead?

I guess we can see where she gets it! LOL

Her tutu was made by one of my very amazing friends, Aleah Dechant...isn't it too cute for words?

She has completely stolen my heart!

Waiting on her guests to arrive

Big Brother enjoying the bday celebration with a cheesy smile

Notice the knot above her left eye....that is what happens when you fall head first into the end table

Yogurt anyone?


Who needs presents when you have cards?

Enjoying some new toys....cannot get enough of that little tongue!

Better watch out puppy...she's coming in for the "real thing"

Cupcake time -- Happy Birthday Miss Addison

One word....AGGRESSIVE...wonder where she gets it?

Really making sure to get it all in there!

Seriously...I am amazed by you!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Santa Claus is TOWN!

We started out the Christmas season with pictures with Santa....well, maybe I shouldn't say "we", but "Addison" started the season with her first picture with Santa. Maddux preferred to enjoy Santa from afar! As you can see, she started out a little hesitant and things only got worse from there....

Not Santa's #1 least not this year.

Maddux did enjoy Santa's reindeers

Once we got Santa out of the way, it was time for more important things...PRESENTS! We started out the holidays with Christmas with Papa and Grandma Morris.

Addie loved giving kisses to her new baby...

...and Maddux loved his new PJ's...who knew PJ's could be such a hit!

Since it was Christmas break, which means 2 weeks at home, I thought the kids could use a little "Christmas Vacation Present" since they wouldn't be getting ANYTHING new over the next few days....ha! Anywho, I did grab this tent and tunnel and they LOVED it!

On Christmas Eve, Maddux and I baked cookies for Santa...

...we got some flour in the bowl and some on our was a blast!

Then before bed, Daddy read "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Then Maddux put out cookies and milk for Santa, but not before testing them to make sure they were safe... all checked out!

Looks like Santa dropped off a "few" presents this year...someone must have been good!

Christmas morning and Bears was scoping out her goodies...

...and Maddux was anxiously awaiting the time to tear those presents open

First were the stockings....

He got a "few" new cars and trains...and he plays with them EVERYDAY!

Addie Bear enjoyed her first stocking...she was pretty fixated on her sippy's the simple things that kids love.

And then it was time to tear those presents open with Papa and Grandma Kettlebar

Daddy and I had one last "big" surprise for Maddux so we told him to stand in the toy room with his eyes closed....I guess tucking your chin down is his way of closing his eyes... we had him stare out the window for the big reveal...

A TRAIN TABLE....HUGE success...he plays with it constantly...first toy that truly captivates his attention! Him and his sister love it...although she seems to get in his way more than anything!

Bears enjoyed her new stroller and baby...and she's walking all over with it

Can't get enough of the face of an innocent baby

Seriously...I could eat her up!

Testing out her new winter hat

Ready for a big Christmas feast

Family sad that this is our first picture of all four us...not in pj's!

Enjoying some train table time

You must make sound effects at the train table...

Handsome little man

A face only a mother can love

More presents with Papa and Grandma Hursey

She has tons of new toys, but wants to play with mom's headband...go figure

Relaxing in his movie position watching his favorite...The Polar Express...we watch it daily!

We had a fantastic Christmas this year and are truly blessed to have such amazing parents and grandparents. We definitely couldn't ask for more!